Here are some great insights I learned from the NC-CCIM Chapter’s 2019 Triangle Market

Check out our #TBJ press coverage of our 2019 NC CCIM Triad Market Forecast. Thank you NC-CCIM for hosting KC Conway, MAI for an informational afternoon.
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Forecast for Commercial Real Estate.
Guest speaker KC Conway, MAI, CRE touched on his outlook for the coming years. Some fantastic takeaways from the presentation include the expectations of Interest Rates to be raised in June 2019 and September 2019. The key is to look at the 10 and 20 year spreads and if they close then we will not a see rate hike. If the yields are inverted then we will see a recession.

Other key outlooks was to watch Walmart and their Neighborhood Grocery stores to slowly go away.

The recent BB&T and Suntrust merger is not all negative as I had believed as Bigger is usually Worse. In this scenario, North Carolina will win as it will be good for Infrastructure loans in our state. Instead of deals getting done in Atlanta, they will be NC based.

A key note for my investors to view is that the new Lease accounting rules will require Liability leases to go back on the Balance Sheets. This will goes firms with a AA rating to drop.

Watch how #millenials will push towards not owning a car which will lead to more cities having deals with
#UBER and #Lyft as a theme for transportation. This is very important as cost of construction goes up the need for additional parking decks may not be necessary.

This was a very good conference with many takeaways. Because I specialize in #Tenant/Landlord commercial representation, we have to be conscious that Higher leasing Rents can not sustain the growth we are witnessing. The new Retail locations will become Warehouses. The key winner will be Commercial Real Estate spaces that have a marriage of Retail Space combined with Industrial space.

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